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This is a selection of some of our award-winning work from around the Maxus network.

Maxus Aus/Metalworks, Panadol Flu Tracker

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Media becomes meteorology

Panadol Cold & Flu had one eighth of the largest brand’s budget, with 2012 a further 15% down. Working dollars harder, Maxus Australia and Metalworks created a “flu-tracker” app to catch Australians as they caught a cold – when temperatures dropped. Maxus data-mined the link between minimum temperatures and flu searches and – the hard stuff – designed a process based on temperature thresholds to optimise all media, and adjust advertising budget and creative. Meaning they knew when, where and how to focus efforts.

Maxus reduced historic CPC by 70%, doubled the audience with half the 2011 budget, and saved 22% of GlaxoSmithKline’s original online budget.

Maxus UK, Mercedes #YouDrive

Mercedes harnesses dual-screen trend for world’s first Twitter-led TV ad

Mercedes tasked Maxus with launching the new A-class, its most important launch in 60 years, to a new, younger audience. This would mean shifting youthful brand perceptions to make Mercedes interesting and exciting. Aware that young people expect to drive content and conversations and combining this with the trend for dual-screening, Maxus handed viewers the power to drive the world’s first audience-driven TV commercial. Using Twitter, viewers decided the action of a real-time story told over three commercials shown during The X Factor. Twitter and web activity was supported by other buzz-building activity following movie launch conventions.

It was a pioneering move that drove staggering results; two months after launch the A-Class represented 6.2% of the total hatchback market, brochure requests soared by 140% after the campaign and 77,000 leads were generated overall. Crucially, the average age of people enquiring about the A-Class was ten years younger than the Mercedes-Benz average.

Maxus Malaysia, Shell Hard Men Need TLC

Maxus delivers market-moving insights for Shell Rimula 

Shell Rimula wanted to increase sales of its truck engine oil in Malaysia by 20%, but was competing in a category dominated by local competitors with a longstanding heritage. To gain deeper insight into its target market, Maxus spent time on the road with truckers and discovered men with hard exteriors but surprisingly soft centres. Despite their ‘tough guy’ image, all they craved was an hour’s pampering.  So Maxus created a touring Trucker Pamper Zone (aka the ‘Hard Working Truck’) – a Shell-branded container complete with massage chairs, cold drinks, hot food, hairdressing and a game zone – that revolved between Malaysia’s 10 major truck stops over three months. 

Smashing the truckers’ ‘hard man’ image proved to be a market-moving insight, which delivered 49% growth in sales volume and has led to distributors clamouring for the truck’s return. Maxus will build on this positive brand association by reinstating the Trucker Pamper Zone next year. 

Maxus USA, Trojan Good Vibrations

Vibrator giveaway stunt delivers 33% increase in revenue for Trojan

When Trojan entered the US sex-toy category, Maxus was tasked with publicising a product that people are too embarrassed to talk about. The challenge was to normalise vibrators by making the conversation unavoidably fun. Maxus chose New York, and specifically the city’s familiar, iconic hot dog stands (transformed into ‘Trojan Pleasure Carts’) to host the world’s largest vibrator giveaway. Tying up with popular radio host Howard Stern, Maxus built radio hype to direct people to Facebook where they could find Pleasure Cart location updates. 

Thousands queued for free Trojan Vibrations, prompting the Mayor of New York to shut the stunt down, creating front page headlines in the New York Post. Ultimately, the campaign created significant buzz. In total 10,000 vibrators were given away, while the resulting conversation travelled across media to deliver 700 million impressions in just four days. What’s more, Trojan revenue increased by 33% as a result of the stunt. 

Maxus China, UPS Terracotta Warriors

UPS spins Terracotta Warriors tale to build trust among Chinese business market

As a late entrant to China, UPS is up against lots of domestic competition in a country known for its loyalty to home-grown brands. For UPS to break into the Chinese market, Maxus needed to convince Chinese businessmen that they could trust a foreign brand to help grow their business overseas and deliver goods intact. To bring this to life, Maxus told the story of how China had already entrusted UPS to package and globally transport its most treasured historic possession: the Terracotta Warriors. Airports were selected as the key environments for conversing with the travelling business audience. Building miniature museums to showcase the story of the Warriors’ journey overseas, Maxus created an immersive and ambient experience complete with 3D interactive warrior hologram and a ‘real-life’ General Qin chatting to travellers throughout their journey, both in airport lounges and on-board flights. 

By showing how UPS had already cared for China, Maxus successfully made its audience care about UPS: the campaign boosted consumer perception of UPS by 40% while driving a massive 22% increase in revenue.  

Maxus India, Tata Sky We Mixed India

Changing channels, shifting perceptions

In multilingual India, most satellite operators bundled channels together - effectively making consumers pay for programming in languages they didn't understand. But Tata Sky had changed this norm with 'Truchoice', and wanted to tell the nation. Maxus suggested they do this unintelligibly! The live content on 44 shows across 12 channels was changed, broadcasting in a language other than the viewer's preference. The message was clear: switch to Tata Sky, and pay only for what you watch. Subscriptions reached a record 1.4 million - which makes sense however you say it.

Maxus UK, Fiat Punto Evo

Accelerated sales

Any guesses as to what Fiat wanted to do with its limited edition Punto Evo? That's right: drive sales. So Maxus decided to leverage one of the product's key features: its 'Blue and Me' sound system. The members of British band Faithless were approached to jointly produce a music video for their latest track.

Traditional and social media built up anticipation around the production, which aired in a threeminute break during Big Brother. Searches for Punto on the Autotrader website subsequently increased by over 240%, with the car declared number one in the 'supermini' category.

Sounds good.

Maxus China, Hanvon Handwritten Newspaper

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Read (and write) all about it...

In China, many senior executives and government officials still write everything out by hand. Hanvon wanted to reach out to these technophobes, and demonstrate the unique usability of its new Touchpad. And so the product was used to create the first handwritten newspaper article ever.

Published in a business journal, it reached some 850,000 readers. Feedback indicates that over 90% of the target market reported that they intended purchasing a Touchpad. Just sign here, please...

Maxus India, Arrow President's Collection

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A bespoke campaign

Barack Obama visited India in 2010. This seemed an ideal opportunity for Arrow to introduce its 'President's Collection'. And why not suggest an 'endorsement' by the man himself? As soon as Air Force One touched down on the sub-continent, Maxus began implementing a smart, integrated brand-placement campaign.

In partnership with publications like the Hindustan Times, Maxim and Outlook, they tracked the President across the country. The communication reached some 14.8 million Indians, with Arrow sales increasing by 28%. Seamless.

Maxus India, Nokia Indiafest


Uncool. It's a word no brand wants to hear about itself, especially from the youth market. But, in recent years, Nokia had been lagging behind its competitors in terms of innovation. So Maxus identified college festivals as the perfect space to reintroduce these mobile phones to young people. (The festivals are social media heaven, much typed about online.)

Nokia went a step further, though, and created Indiafest - the biggest event of its kind, held in Goa. Unique technology allowed attendees to update their Facebook status via wristbands - which they did 59,000 times in just two days. Cool.

Maxus India, Vodafone A Million Delights

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A Million Delights

That's personal

Launched on television, the loyalty programme 'Vodafone Delights' had not exactly delighted consumers. Registrations were low, and a more personalised approach was clearly required.

Maxus began by customising the homepages of key Indian portals based on the interests of individual Vodafone users. This was achieved with the use of cookies, which track online behaviour. As a result, registrations for 'Vodafone Delights' increased from 3% to 33%. And that can only be described as delightful.

Maxus China, Roewe Small Badge Big Sales

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Small badge, big impact

The Roewe W5 SUV, a new car that did not yet have a story to tell, faced a challenge in China, the world's most competitive car market. Up against existing brands with proven credentials and heritage, it needed to find another way to be noticed. A limited edition National Geographic badged version of the W5 was promoted through a range of jointly crafted media focusing on stories of heroism from China's past. The activity preceded a 45% sales uplift. The badged W5 outsold the standard model ten to one, and cars were badged to meet demand.

Maxus UK, BT Wedding of the Year

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British People Shape the Wedding of the Year

We generated 450,000 votes, 120,000 Youtube views and 800,000 interactions and reduced brand churn by 16% by mobilising middle aged housewives to plan our wedding online.
Middle-aged housewives are far more interested in people than brands, so we gave them control of the long-running ‘BT family’ campaign. Through Facebook, they shaped our central characters’ wedding, deciding the dress, car and first dance; we helped them make decisions by placing things they could choose from – like song playlists, across Print, TV, Radio and other media.

Maxus Hong Kong, HTC Smarter Way

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Making sense

Young people in Hong Kong are overwhelmed by choices in the saturated smartphone market. HTC needed to demonstrate the value of their 'Sense' interface, to break through this clutter. Inspired by the popularity of tutorial colleges amongst ambitious young people, HTC and Maxus created their own online 'HTC Sense Tutorial College', hosted by 'Star Tutor', local celebrity Sammi, who demonstrated ingenuity with a smartphone in everyday situations. 200 live classes were also run. The amusing tutorial videos were viewed 100,000 times, the HTC fan base grew by 30%, and sales expectations were exceeded by 100%!

Maxus India, Titan HTSE Enlightening Media

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Technologically superior communications

Young Indian consumers want the latest technology, but had rejected Titan watches as old fashioned and lacking innovation. To change this perception and convince them that the HTSE solar-powered line was cutting edge, Maxus redefined the way digital media is used to communicate, with the world's first light-powered Android, IOS and Facebook apps, and an augmented reality watch simulator. Social and mobile media spread the word to 2.5 million people and half-yearly sales targets were achieved in two months. Mashable voted it one of the World's Best Branded Apps and the youth imagery score improved by 20%.

Maxus Mexico, Xavier González Zirión Pinche!

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Well, somebody had to say it!

When ordinary citizen Xavier Gonzalez Zirion tried to get selected for the Mexico City elections, the government told media owners not to accept his advertising. Residents were frustrated about the city's chronic deterioration, so Maxus asked people to photograph things in their city that were 'pinche' (an incredibly rude word in Mexico), and then upload them for discussion via social media as part of Xavier's campaign. The media were so impressed at the results, that they ignored the ban and took on Xavier's message. He now represents Mexico's biggest party, PRI, in the city's election.

Maxus UK, Fiat 500 @ LFW

Fiat 500 at London Fashion Week 2013

The Maxus UK Fiat team were briefed to find a novel way to tie the brand’s stylish Spring/Summer 500 creative into the event, so they set up “guerrilla light projections” at high-profile locations around London.


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We owned this special day for the brand and celebrated with our target audiences via different mediums.



Shiseido has been a whitening expert for over a century and our task was to strengthen its leadership position in the market.

Insight & strategy: 

Working females with above average income who are quality product seekers. They are socially engaged and relationships are important. Our strategy was to link 'whitening' and 'relationships' with the Japanese Valentines Day which is on the March 14 (commonly known as the White Day).


We celebrate this special day together via bought, owned and earned mediums. 
Bought > Build awareness via mass mediums
Owned > Own the day through channel sponsorship and integrate this with branded content in whitening topics
Earned > Generating buzz from social media


Sales doubled during and after the campaign period
Solely online generated 18M+ impression and 50K clicks from display ad
Attracted 6,000+ new facebook fans in Shiseido page
Generated buzz in forum, blog & social media for the campaign


Panera Bread as a company is just thirteen years old, and has revolutionized the casual dining category during that short spate of time. For the first nine years, they did not advertise, relying on word-of-mouth as their de facto marketing. But in their increasingly mature markets, WOM reached its natural limits, and Panera was forced to look for a new source of growth: Advertising. 

Panera was both fascinated and challenged by the thought of going to war in advertising with the likes of McDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks and Chipotle. So the central challenge was a business issue: “Prove we can succeed with media. Figure out any and all sub-strategies on how to make the new expense line item of media investments pay out – and prove it.”

Maxus did just that.


Zumba is a Latin dance program that has exploded onto the fitness scene, growing to more than 14 million students in 186 countries. In 2013, Maxus was tasked with driving awareness and engagement of the Great Calorie Drive, a partnership between Zumba Fitness, Feeding America and the World Food Programme.

The Great Calorie Drive premise was simple: when a student burned calories at Zumba classes, Zumba would partner with hunger-relief efforts to "donate" those calories to hungry people around the world. In order to drive awareness, Maxus targeted Zumba’s Facebook fanbase of nearly six million to drive mobile app installs at an unprecedented rate. Once users installed the app, they could find the nearest Zumba class, check in and then share on social media using the #ZumbaGCD hashtag. Getting fit had never been so easy—or so rewarding!